Magnus Dennison
Managing Director

Magnus is a producer and cinematographer who has produced numerous docs, dramas and commercials for major broadcasters including BBC, ITV and Channel4. In a past life Magnus was training to be an airline pilot.

Katja Roberts
Creative Director

Katja is a director and editor who started her film career acting with Amber Films in the 90s. She has directed many of Meerkat's films over the past ten years. In a past life Katja was a classical violinist.

Hal Branson
Associate Producer

With an uncanny ability to bond and amuse everybody he comes across, he transcends language and cultural barriers. A great asset to any production. In a past life Hal ran an airport transfer company in the Alps.

James Winnifrith
Offline Editor / Camera Operator / VFX

Highly skilled Avid offline editor, has edited hundreds of films, including drama, documentary, reality TV and features. In a past life James was racing driver.

Tian Abrie
Camera Assistant

Camera assistant Tian is a few minutes ahead of the curve on every shoot. Quick, efficient and reliable, He ensures the smooth running of everything relating to the camera.

Danielle Giddins
Production Assistant

Danielle looks after our projects in development. She works in the logistics of production and is also an assistant editor in the post department. In a past life Danielle was an Irish Dancer.

Ross Anderson
Cinematographer/VFX Coordinator

Our talented Director of Photography Ross, brings not only his accomplished technical skills to the Meerkat team, but his whacky imagination and a rare ability to tease the beauty out of even the most mundane of scenes.

Andy Ludbrook
Sound Recordist

Our esteemed and multi award winning Sound Recordist Andy Ludbrook is an industry guru and a great asset to the Meerkat crew. His vast experience means the sound of every film is in the most sturdy, unflappable, tea loving hands.

Office Cat

Our office cat is mostly an irritation and a barrier to getting work done, but she does keep us amused. Don't worry if you're allergic, she's a special hypoallergenic breed.